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Volkan Aydogan

Volkan graduated from Istanbul Arel University, Department of International Relations and he is Business Developement Director in Minerva Sustainability. He worked as a sales executive  in different sectors such as customs, insurance, tourism and consumer products. He has achieved sales success over 2M$ in the tourism sector in 2018. Volkan also had a large share in one of the biggest sales to corporate customers at his company. Furthermore, Volkan worked as sales executive in the consumer products in New York. He was responsible for whole process from the warehouse to customers. He expanded the company and increase company’s profit from $ 1 Million to $ 2.3 Million with his teammates in a year.

Volkan has held more than 200 customer meetings to date, specializing in understanding customers needs and customer satisfaction. Previously, Volkan has been responsible for the sales & coordination of L&S for about 2 years and as of 2021, he coordinated the team that increased the volume of the operation twice in 2 years with his 10 years experience in sales. 

Image by Łukasz Łada


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