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Sustainability Services

Minerva offers services to improve the environmental and social sustainability performance in the textile and footwear manufacturing in globally.

Higg FEM Verification


Our verifiers with production and management experience provide Higg FEM verification service and give advice during verification on how you can improve your environmental sustainability performance & Higg FEM score.

Social Compliance

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We have consultancy services for all social compliance standards such as Amfori, Sedex, SA8000, FSLM/SLCP etc. with experienced experts who have worked in production and managed the processes.Also We provide social audit and verification service with our solution partner Key of Sustainability with APSCA Certified Verifiers.

Carbon Emission

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Carbon footprint is an output of the energy used in the production and consumption processes of individuals and organizations, directly or indirectly. This output is defined as greenhouse gas emissions and expressed in tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e).


KarbonStation provides universal and lean reporting by analyzing the greenhouse gas emissions of institutions within scope 1-2-3 within the framework of ISO 14064-1 Standard and GHG Protocol.


In addition, it analyzes the direct and indirect carbon emissions generated during the production, distribution, use, and recycling processes of products within the scope of the ISO 14067 standard.

ZDHC Training


Minerva takes a leading role in sustainability and environmental compliance by providing ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) training.Conducted by expert trainers, our interactive and participant-focused approach ensures that all stakeholders in the industry receive the latest information and best practices in eco-friendly production and supply chain management.

Nordic Swan & EU Ecolabel

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We provide consultancy in EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification processes. We have high experience to meet all the demanding criteria in the standards.

Life Cycle Assessment


LCA analysis is performed by our experts at the point of determining all environmental impacts of your textile products specifically.

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