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Aydın Anıl Aksoy

Anıl has taken part in training programs on OHS and Environmental Management, which contributes to his professional experience, and has been a manager in sustainability activities in the textile industry for 5 years in addition to his bachelor and master degrees in Business Administration.

Thanks to his business background from family and education, he continues to pursue his professional business life on innovation, production and foreign trade throughout his career with his entrepreneurial spirit as well as strategic management, reputation and crisis management, social responsibility and ethics.

In his 5-year sustainability career, he took a founding – executive role in the Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability departments of strategic partners producing fast fashion and sportswear for a 4-year period. In this process, he conducted +300 audits on social-environmental compliance and management systems on behalf of the manufacturer for reputable clothing brands operating in the field of social and environmental sustainability and working in audit and certification programs.

Afterwards, he continued to support the supply chain with consultancy services for a period of time.

His professional life is related to environmental, chemistry and social compliance standards, such as amfori, ZDHC, Higg FEM, SLCP, ISO 9001-14001-27001-45001-14064, LCA, etc. He has continued to get himself with based accredited trainings.

Finally, he continues the Higg Index FEM verifications, which he has been familiar with for years as a manufacturer and consultant, now as the Sustainability Project Manager and Higg Index FEM Generalist Verifier, with the verification body Minerva VA Sustainability. Based on past experience in this position, it aims to serve the facilities with all audits, studies, projects and stakeholder collaborations related to social, environmental, economic and corporate sustainability.

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